Why your business should be on WhatsApp

Do you know anyone who is not on WhatsApp? Yeah, neither do we. The truth is that unless you are new to this planet or an avid hipster who prefers to send notes via your trained raven, WhatsApp is likely your primary platform for instant communication.

As the most popular global messaging channel, WhatsApp currently has 2 billion active daily users sending roughly 100 billion messages a day. With numbers that impressive, it’s hard to overlook the benefits, and it’s no wonder Facebook chose to expand the service to include businesses. If you’re still on the fence about jumping on the WhatsApp Business bandwagon (with a current network of over 5 million business users), here are a few reasons why your business should be on WhatsApp.

Convenient two-way communication

How many times have you completed a contact form on a website only to receive an automated response email and then wait - sometimes days! - for a response that was not at all helpful? WhatsApp Business allows your customers to interact with your business with the same speed and convenience that they would chat to anyone else. You can now receive and answer queries in record time while building your customer satisfaction rating.

Brand-verified conversations

It’s an unfortunate truth of the internet, but online scammers are thriving. By creating a verified Business Profile, you can limit the chances of a sneaky scammer using your business name and reputation to their advantage. Your official Business Profile allows you to implement branding, add specific contact numbers, website URLs, store locations, and more. It’s your one-stop information shop!

Unmatched customer reach

As your business grows, so should the way you interact with clients. With WhatsApp Business, you can easily communicate with people anywhere in the world who are relocating to your area and require information on your self storage facility. You no longer have to worry about missing out on sales opportunities due to expensive long distance phone calls or different time zones.

Improved customer care

Say goodbye to endless customer service phone calls while a scratchy instrumental version of My Heart Will Go On plays in the background. WhatsApp Business provides a quick and efficient way of responding to customer queries before they have the chance to escalate into full-blown complaints. Now you can chat to your customers in real-time, providing the information they need while building brand loyalty and trust.

Automated responses

With WhatsApp Business, you will never again have to miss a message or have potential clients hanging on the line for an answer. By setting up automated responses, you can answer frequently asked questions at any time, day or night, giving potential clients all the information they need at a moment’s notice.

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