Why self storage is becoming increasingly relevant in 2022

Nothing stays the same - from your favourite teacher to your waistline and even your home address, change is a constant force, and self storage is no different. While self storage has a reputation for catering to the needs of students, families moving to a new home, and businesses requiring an affordable alternative to traditional warehousing, new uses for self storage units are continuously cropping up.

With competition in the self storage market continuing to grow, staying on top of self storage trends can mean the difference between success and failure. To ensure you’re effectively marketing your storage services, we look at the top reasons why self storage is becoming increasingly relevant in 2022.

Downscaling and minimalism

How often have you looked at a cluttered space and sighed in frustration? Probably more than you realise. Due to the positive mental impact of a minimalist lifestyle, more people are downscaling their lifestyle and choosing to live with less. While letting go of material possessions is the goal, having the option to save valuable or cherished possessions through affordable personal self storage provides a welcome middle ground.

Semigration is the new immigration

With a majority of the world house-bound since 2020, people are now taking full advantage of the travel options available and opting to temporarily or permanently semigrate. With no end in sight, semigration has led to an increased need for affordable self storage units. If you are looking to attract customers in the process of semigrating, promoting your facility's flexible lease agreements and safety measures is an excellent way to do it.

Startups requiring low-cost office space

With so many people, unfortunately, losing their jobs as a result of Covid-19, many individuals saw an opportunity to start their own businesses. While any new startup undeniably faces a variety of unavoidable costs, offering freelancers and startup businesses a self storage unit that could function as low-cost office space is a simple but effective way to draw in new tenants.

Working from home is the new normal

Although working from home was standard for a small portion of the working force, it has become the new normal for the majority over the last two years. With many employees able to save money on travelling, have a more flexible schedule, and companies saving costs on expensive building rentals, people will continue to need personal self storage as they make space for a more permanent home office.

Overall convenience

The most effective selling tool for any self storage facility is the absolute convenience it provides, particularly for personal storage. From a couple renovating their space to a family moving house, storing bulky furniture or seasonal sports equipment - showcasing how easily a unit can become an everyday extension of their home is key when attracting new tenants.

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