What to know about customer-centric content

Many self storage operators shine their content spotlight on the goal of attracting new customers. While there is nothing wrong with this per se, many businesses make the mistake of forgetting that content should also be used to support existing customers. Attracting new customers is always vital to keep businesses going, but don’t forget that maintaining your existing customers can be more valuable in the long run.

Customer-centric content ensures that you keep your current customer base intrigued, which inspires them to stay loyal to your business. This will ultimately result in them becoming unofficial brand ambassadors as they refer your company to others, which will keep your business growing. To help your business thrive, we look at the top tips for creating customer-centric content.

Avoid impersonal communications

Never treat your customers as impersonal faceless avatars. When sending out marketing material or customer newsletters, avoid addressing your customers as “valued customers.” This screams impersonal and can make them feel like another cog in your business machine. Always address customers by their names in all messaging and avoid overly formal language.

Get visual

Videos are where it's at these days. A great way to keep existing customers and attract new ones is to get them engaged with your material by using visual content. From how-to videos on the best way to pack a storage unit to images and even memes, customers are far more likely to engage with a brand when they see quality and interesting visual content.

Don’t forget to follow up

Getting a customer signed up for a self storage unit should not be the end of the road. You can build brand loyalty by following up with your customers and nurturing that relationship. Something as simple as sending a friendly welcome or thank you email after they have moved in can go a long way in ensuring that you stand out. Don’t forget to personalise the content.

Reward loyalty

Loyalty programmes are an excellent tool to keep existing customers happy while enticing new ones. Potential customers are more likely to engage with your content if you provide incentives. A few loyalty reward examples include offering existing customers a discount for every referral that signs up, discounts for new move-ins, a complimentary van-hire service for first-time customers, etc. Content with a clear incentive will entice people to take action.

Be transparent

Customers value transparency when they do business with you. This means that you should be clear about aspects that will affect them, including pricing, brand reputation issues and good news. Keeping your existing customers in the information loop can help them feel like they’re in the inner circle, which goes back to nurturing your customer relationships and building brand loyalty.

If you feel that your content is not as customer-focused as it can be, contact Digital First. Our excellent team of digital marketing natives can help you refresh your content to be customer-centric, build brand loyalty and potentially boost your bottom line. To find out more about our specialist services, contact us or get a free online audit today.