The importance of setting smaller marketing goals

The task of setting marketing goals sounds simple enough, but like most seemingly simple tasks, things are not as they appear. Beneath the calm surface of “setting goals” lies an ocean of possibilities, and it can be easy to get swept away until you’ve lost all sight of your original target. There is an art and a learning curve to creating achievable and manageable “bite-sized” goals.

Setting goals that are too small may result in your company not reaching its true potential while setting goals too high can leave you feeling like a failure. Neither is ideal, which is why it is vital to build your path to success with smaller marketing goals that are realistically actionable. Below, we look at the importance of setting smaller marketing goals.

It builds confidence

When babies learn to walk, the first thing they do is fall. But with every step they take, they build the confidence to take one more until they’re practically sprinting. Achieving small business goals works the same way. With every small goal you successfully achieve, you are building the confidence to tackle the next one and the next. When you start to lag, the ability to look back at your list of already accomplished goals will inspire you to keep going.

It’s easier to learn from your mistakes

If you are a perfectionist, not achieving a goal the first time can feel like tumbling headfirst into failure and can negatively impact how you act moving forward. This is often a result of setting unattainable goals. By setting smaller goals, you can still push yourself to achieve more, but you will also limit the consequences by making “smaller” mistakes. This allows you to enact quick fixes and learn in a less intensive way.

Creates a realistic growth pattern

For perfectionists, receiving a positive boost is both a positive and a negative experience. On the one hand, it positively encourages you to strive for that again, but on the other, it can make you feel bad if you fail to duplicate that success a second time. Business growth is the same. While your company may experience an unpredicted boost, it’s important to recognise that you may not be able to replicate it quite so soon. Smaller marketing goals will keep you on the path to long-term sustainable success while leaving the door open for another positive boost.

Builds a clear path to success

Every path to success starts with a single step, but if you have set your first step too high, you have already set yourself up for failure. Small marketing goals allow you to build a sustainable path as you go from shaky baby steps to confident leaps and bounds. There is no shame in breaking down a single goal into 10 smaller steps if it keeps you focused, driven and on the right track. Your path to success should be a reflection of what you need.

Unfortunately, there is no precise formula for setting realistic business goals. Achievable goal setting requires constant practice, refinement, focus and a willingness to adapt to whatever may come your way. The overall benefit of setting smaller marketing goals is that it gives you the freedom to grow, experiment and make mistakes in a controlled way.

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