The first steps to developing your SEO strategy

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Have you given your store’s organic strategy much thought? Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in driving traffic to your website and increasing your store’s ranking in Google.

Nakita, the Head of SEO at Digital First, shares the basic steps involved in developing a streamlined organic strategy.

“SEO in 2021 goes beyond content marketing, keywords and technical SEO. It’s also about setting clear business objectives, using data to guide the path, ensuring that your website provides the best user experience, leveraging listings such as Google My Business and so much more.”

Set clear business objectives

The business objective is normally confirmed by the director or managing director, describing the business units that need the most focus. As a self storage operator, these units could be business storage, household or student storage.

Set growth targets

Growth strategies are important because they keep each team in the company working towards a common goal, making sure that everyone’s intentions are aligned. For example, your store may aim to grow 20% year-on-year in the next 12 months. At Digital First, we set targets for a 12-month period with targets for every month.

It’s also important to benchmark SEO performance. At Digital First, we assess a store’s current performance and introduce competitive SEO tactics.

Content audit

A content audit identifies areas to focus on by pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in the website’s current content strategy. At Digital First, we’ll assess how the existing content competes with industry leaders and other players in the market. For example, we can assess whether your store should be using more video or introduce infographics.

Keyword research

Keyword research is important for organic ranking on Google. This helps to understand your current position in the online market, the competitiveness as well as opportunities. There are many ways to approach keyword research, we combine understanding our keyword landscape as well as our competitors to find the right opportunities with high intent and the potential to convert users.

Google My Business

It’s important to work on your SEO efforts outside of the website itself. For example, optimizing your Google My Business listing can generate a lot of enquiries and interest in the store.

On-Page and Technical SEO

There are different ways to optimize your site for search engines. For example, on-page SEO means optimizing the content on your page for search intent and could include creating a blog and content marketing. Technical SEO makes sure that all other SEO elements are taken care of, such as canonical tags, redirects, structural data and redirect loops.

Focus on User Experience (UX)

While SEO is important, it shouldn’t compromise UX. The SEO strategy should consider UX through AB testing, adding various call-to-action messages, and encouraging engagement in the content’s layout.

Backlink strategy

As Nakita shares, “If you don’t get enough votes from your supporters then you won’t become president.”

Backlinks are the “votes” that tell Google how popular your store’s website is compared to others. A backlink strategy has the power to improve your website’s traffic, reputation and build relationships in the industry.

Analyzing, reporting and forecasting strategy

SEO needs continuous work as there are always areas one can improve. Depending on the needs of the business at the time, certain strategies may become more important. It’s also important to continuously measure the performance of SEO efforts.

Nakita’s strategic approach to SEO and experience in the self storage industry makes her a valued member of our team. She works closely with the rest of our marketing team to bring about the best results possible for our valued clients.

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