The Importance Of Temperature Control In Storage Units

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Offering temperature-controlled or climate-controlled storage units can differentiate your store from competitors.

As a store manager, it’s important to monitor the climate and humidity levels of storage units. Temperature extremes can have a negative effect on various items, especially those that are sensitive to warping or spawning mildew.

There are several tips to monitor the temperature or climate of a storage unit. How many of these do you put into practice?

Install dehumidifiers

If the store is located in an area that receives a lot of rain or experiences a humid climate, then it’s a smart idea to install commercial dehumidifiers. By drawing out warm currents and releasing dry air, the store becomes climate-controlled.

Maintain HVAC units

Does your store use HVAC units to maintain a certain temperature? While these systems are useful in controlling the temperature, they need to be maintained for optimal effect. Make sure to check for any leaks or malfunctioning units on a regular basis.

Conduct regular inspections

Just as any building needs regular maintenance, so does a self storage store. General wear-and-tear, as well as natural elements, can cause a leak in the building that needs to be fixed. Inspections should also include checking for the presence of pests.

Avoid false advertising

Many customers demand temperature or climate-controlled storage units. However, it’s important to advertise with transparency and not to make claims that are not true. There aren’t any official industry standards for climate-controlled storage, so the tenant will have to trust your word.

Encourage tenants to pack smart

As an extra measure of protection, store managers can encourage tenants to pack their belongings in a way that offers protection. For example, suggest that tenants clean and dry items before packing them into the unit and use proper packing materials.

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