Three social media platforms to market self storage

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A carefully planned social media strategy is one of the most effective ways to market your self storage business online. Social media goes hand in hand with SEO efforts and email marketing, giving your self storage business the boost that it needs to attract potential customers.

Choosing which platforms to invest in is one of the first steps. We recommend choosing two or three platforms to begin, and make sure that you share quality, engaging content.

Here are three social media platforms that are especially effective in the self storage industry.


Facebook is the platform of choice for marketing brands. In fact, many businesses create a Facebook page before they even have a website. Considering that there are approximately 2.85 billion active Facebook users, businesses have the opportunity to achieve expansive reach.

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy that allows businesses to share basic information, engage with customers, and share insight to the company culture and updates. The messaging functionality also makes it easy to engage directly with customers.


A picture can speak a thousand words. Instagram allows businesses to share pictures and videos to a large audience, improving brand awareness and engagement.

There are several benefits to investing in Instagram as a self storage business. It’s the perfect platform to share images of upcoming deals, stories from happy clients, and drive traffic to the website by using effective images and copy.


LinkedIn is an effective platform to connect with other businesses and build your database of business clients. Business clients offer the potential of long-term rental and long-standing relationships.

When using LinkedIn to connect with customers and share business updates, it’s important to adopt a more formal tone. The target audience on LinkedIn will most likely be potential business customers, so the message needs to reflect this intention.

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