Social media marketing tactics every self storage operator should know

Maybe you never saw it coming, or even noticed when it arrived. It started with a simple poke, an unexpected invite from a long-last high-school friend or a like on a cute cat video, and before you could even scan through the Terms and Conditions, social media had become part of your everyday life.

Today, social media platforms have not only woven into the fabric of our personal lives, but our professional ones as well. From the moment we wake up to the minute we shut our eyes at night, we are constantly connecting and interacting with others on social media, especially businesses. The fun and informal tool gives businesses of all types the space to let their hair down and form genuine connections with their customers, which studies have shown just works.

As more businesses adopt this strategy, self storage operators have also jumped on the bandwagon, harnessing the tool to boost enquiries and gain the trust of long-term tenants.

We recently slid into thE Digital First Social Media Manager’s DMs to find out what tactics operators should be using to stay ahead of the game. This is what Chelsea Westman had to say.

Get to know your audience

With Millennials and Gen Zers practically growing up on the internet, they can smell a scam or insincere sales pitch from a mile away. If you don’t want them to keep on scrolling, find out what their likes, dislikes, and daily struggles are and base your content pillars around the common themes you pick up. “To determine your social media strategy, you first need to profile your customers and discover what makes them tick,” Chelsea says. “This way your brand can put out tailored and relevant content.”

And your competitors

You know the old saying, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’? Well, the same applies to your competitors. While it’s important to know your customers, it’s equally important to research your competitors and analyse the success of their strategies.

“Keeping a close eye on your competitors and the content they are posting will give your facility the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead of the game,” Chelsea says. “With this information, you can create well-thought-out content that is guaranteed to grab your customer’s attention.”

Find your platform

Nowadays, it’s not about who you know but which platform you’re on. There are several different social media platforms that businesses use to increase engagement and conversations, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently TikTok. While each platform has its own purpose, it’s important to be present on as many as possible to keep up with the current trends and be a part of the conversion.

Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. To keep your customers captivated, make sure that you post relevant content on a weekly basis that aligns with your brand, its message and the platform you’re posting on. This could be a testimonial every Wednesday on LinkedIn or an informative blog article once a week on Facebook that highlights the advantages of self storage.

Invest in influencers

A robust social media strategy cannot be executed without the necessary resources to help your strategy come to life. Social media influencers are excellent sources of content that have proven to be incredibly skilled at persuading others through feel-good, authentic posts.

“Aligning your brand with the right influencers will not only add credibility but allow you to tap into new communities,” Chelsea says. “This is a great way to expand your brand reach and increase exposure online.”

Need a group of digital natives who have a knack for creating content that converts? Look no further than Digital First. We offer self storage operators a variety of specialised digital marketing services, including online reputation management, social media management and copywriting. Contact us today to find out more or get a free online audit today.