Silly self storage marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

We all make mistakes. From forgetting to wheel the bin out on rubbish collection day to washing the whites and darks separately, it's in our nature to slip up every now and then. But when

it comes to business, mistakes can be costly. With competition growing in the self storage sector, a silly marketing mistake could mean the difference between success and failure. To ensure you’re making the most out of your marketing budget and never missing an opportunity, we’ve listed the top 5 marketing mistakes self storage operators make and how you can avoid them.

Not optimising Google Business Profiles

How many times have you heard someone say, ‘Just Google it’ this week? Probably more than you can tally up. The popular search engine has monopolised the market, serving as a valuable tool for operators looking to boost their enquiries online. Not having an up-to-date and optimised Google Business Profile makes it impossible for potential customers to find you and discover more about your services, opening hours and reputation. By ensuring your profile is complete, correct and optimised for the best results, you will gain valuable leads without maxing out your marketing budget.

Forgetting to promote USPs

What makes your facility unique? With new competitors popping up every year, it's important to highlight any special features your facility has to truly stand out. Many operators often forget to include these points in their paid ads, blogs and landing pages, leaving customers wondering what makes their facility better than the rest. Try to flex your facility’s best features every opportunity you get and make sure it is easy to read and digestible so that customers can see all the benefits you offer in a quick glance.

Ignoring customer complaints

With countless other matters to tend to, replying to online reviews often comes last on the list of priorities, but for many customers, it's the first thing they look for. Managing your reputation online, whether it be on social media or popular review platforms like Google reviews or Trustpilot, is an essential way to build trust with potential customers and boost revenue. Regularly responding to reviews, both positive and negative, will position your facility as one people can trust and rely on.

Disregarding social media

Social media definitely snuck up on us all, but today it's a successful and trending tool for businesses to increase enquiries and improve their online reputation. Although far from conventional, the networking platforms have proven their worth and those that haven’t jumped on the bandwagon are being left in the dust along with phone books and dial-up internet. Whether sharing lifestyle content on Facebook or staff features on LinkedIn, being active here is a great way to update customers, share rich content, advertise and keep up with your competitors.

Failing to track performance

Putting all these practises in place will soon yield results, but if you don’t track your performance on a weekly or monthly basis, how will you know what has worked and what hasn’t? Operators who fail to track their performance risk wasting their marketing budget on unsuccessful campaigns and not boosting those that are bringing in enquiries. While it can be a time-consuming task, keeping track of your performance will give you the information needed to make better decisions and focus on strategies that actually work.

At Digital First, we offer self storage operators a variety of specialised digital marketing services. Whether you’re looking to increase your social media following or boost enquiries with paid ads, we have the knowledge and experience to help facilities stand out and succeed online.

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