SEO 101 for self storage operators: The benefits of a technical SEO audit

Websites are now the new storefronts, and just like a successful self storage facility, they need to be secure, well-designed and easy to access. While your website may appear eye-catching and effective at first glance, if it’s not generating daily traffic and enquiries, then there’s something seriously wrong.

A technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) audit can reveal all the hidden flaws in your website that are hampering its success on search engines. In this blog, we break down a technical SEO audit and how it can benefit your self storage facility. Let’s get started!


What is a technical SEO audit?

If your website isn’t optimised correctly for search engines, it will be impossible for customers to navigate it or even find it, forcing them to look elsewhere. For business owners, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and rectify it. That’s where a technical SEO audit comes in. A technical SEO audit analyses the various components of a website and their effectiveness, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and overall health.

How can a technical SEO audit benefit self storage operators?

Website traffic is essential to succeeding online. Without a daily flow of unique visitors to your website, there will be no enquiries and revenue will steadily decline. There are many ways you can drive more traffic to your website, an SEO audit will reveal exactly where you should be focussing your efforts for the best results. Here are a few other ways an SEO audit can benefit your facility.

1. Improves site credibility and trust

The credibility of your site is crucial. It determines a customer’s decision to continue on your website or turn back. A technical SEO audit will analyse your website’s safety and trustworthiness by looking at whether the URL is trusted and diagnosing error codes that might be scaring off potential customers. With this knowledge, you can make the necessary updates and adjustments, improving your site’s ranking and traffic.

2. Identifies opportunities to boost online visibility

Where your website ranks on a search engine determines its success. If it’s not on the first page, you can almost certainly cut your enquiry generation in half. There could be a number of reasons why your site isn’t ranking at the top of the SERPs, including poor or duplicate content, slow site speed or not having a mobile-friendly site. This will all become much clearer after a technical SEO audit. Through a series of tests, you’ll be able to identify exactly where the problem lies and how you can resolve it.

3. Helps increase organic traffic and conversions

With billions of websites indexed on Google, the chances of a customer naturally stumbling upon yours are next to none. In order to stand out in a relevant search and attract organic traffic, your website needs to be written in a way that search engines understand. A comprehensive SEO audit will flag any holes in your website’s HTML and copy, allowing you to improve its readability to crawlers and increase your conversion rate.

4. Ensures your website is accessible

Just like your facility needs to be easily accessible to a variety of customers, so does your website. A mobile-friendly website is not only a key ranking factor for Google but a great way to appeal to a wider audience. If visitors can easily access your site on any device, whether it be a tablet, desktop or cellphone, they will be more likely to browse your services and enquire.

5. Creates a better user experience

As a visitor, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow or badly constructed website. A technical SEO audit will reveal if your site is responsive and whether or not the loading speed is fast enough to maintain your customer’s attention. It will also analyse the architecture of your website, identifying how the layout and design are deterring potential customers.

Conducting a technical SEO audit is the first step to improving your website’s success online, but it can be very daunting if you’re not a specialist! At Digital First, we offer self storage operators a variety of specialised digital marketing services, including SEO.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your website or boost enquiries with paid ads, we have the knowledge and experience to help facilities stand out and succeed online. Contact us today to find out more or get a free online audit today.