Self Storage Central London Case Study

The self storage industry is competitive, and it pays to have a streamlined marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy, in particular, is key to seeing results.

Customer service is at the heart of self storage and efforts include connecting with existing and potential customers online. Digital marketing also boosts brand awareness and increases authority.

At Digital First, we have over 100 years of collective experience in the self storage industry. We leverage this experience by helping self storage operators market their stores, no matter how big or small the facility.

Our areas of expertise are diverse, boosted by our accreditation with Google and Facebook Marketing. By using strategic collaboration, we’re able to help store operators achieve their marketing goals.

Central London case study

We’ve previously shared one of our case studies on a franchise of stores. As a follow up, we’d like to draw your attention to the significant growth we’ve managed to achieve for one of our clients - a store in Central London.

Consider the following results since inception.

  • All enquiries: + 62%

  • Click through rate: + 85%

  • Cost per acquisition: - 33%

  • Google Ads enquiries: + 21%

We've been able to achieve these results by emphasising content creation, organic lead generation efforts, marketing and access to Google BETA products through our partnership.

Why Digital First?

Digital First is made up of a team of digital marketing experts and sector specialists. Our services were born out of a market-leading listed self storage business (REIT), offering a high standard of service at a fraction of the cost.

Our strategies rely on collaboration across departments with a strong focus on self storage demand and enquiry generation. We offer design and branding, content creation, paid media and social media advertising, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By combining these skills, we’re able to create a warm and welcoming digital storefront that inspires customers to follow through until the end of the sales funnel.

Multiple self storage operators around the world have trusted our team to grow their brands and they have benefited from the results. Browse our services and explore how we can help your store. You can also get in touch and chat with our professional and friendly team.