Optimizing The Digital Sales Funnel for Older Generations

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the business landscape in many ways. Lockdowns and restrictions have forced consumers to embrace online platforms and digital services. This includes older generations who have previously resisted digital developments.

Has your self storage facility responded to the increased focus on the digital sales model? Is your digital marketing strategy up to scratch?

The impact of COVID-19 on digital acquisitions

Chris Oosthuizen, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product at Stor-Age REIT, comments on how COVID-19 has fast-tracked consumer behaviour in terms of digital acquisitions. The pandemic has created an environment where consumers are forced to try online purchases, especially older consumers.

He says, “It has fast-tracked the acceptance of online purchases as an acceptable means of transacting. Effectively it’s kicked them off of the proverbial ledge in terms of digital acquisitions.”

Chris’s observations are echoed by various research insights that highlight how internet usage has accelerated among seniors. Other reports reveal how the smartphone usage gap between seniors and younger generations is closing, and how the pandemic propelled older shoppers into the online space.

What does the increased acceptance of digital acquisitions mean for the self storage industry?

Digital acquisition and self storage

To date, self storage operators have relied on a combination of telephone enquiries, walk-ins and web enquiries to fill their units. With the rise in digital acceptance, self storage operators need to consider the sales funnel.

Chris continues, “The adoption of digital acceptance has been accelerated among older generations. The older age groups, which were traditionally more orientated toward telephones, are going to be far more willing to transact online. Businesses need to understand that the rate of growth for online enquiries is going to be far greater than we’ve ever seen before - and we need to react to it.”

Self storage owners and operators have to be conscious of the web cycle, various web funnels, the online acquisition cycles and particularly how they approach online communication.

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