Leveraging the power of data

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Marketing efforts are significantly more impactful when analyzing the data.

Creating a content calendar, selecting keywords and managing tenants is only half of the job. The other half involves looking at the results and analyzing the insights.

Top marketing tip

Chris Oosthuizen, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product at Stor-Age Property REIT, has been sharing some top marketing tips. Recently, he explored how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and how to create a customer persona.

In this blog, Chris discusses the value of data in marketing your self storage store.

He says, “Always look at the data. Marketing has shifted from the “post and hope” mentality to an environment where we actually have incredibly detailed data available to us. Marketing has shifted from being a creative act to a creative science. Analyzing data is as important as anything else and the trend is your friend.”

Key data to consider

Learning to read the data and apply the findings can be daunting. Sometimes, it can feel as though there is too much information and not enough direction. Deciding what to focus on can be tricky.

Here are a few data points to consider for self storage stores.

  • Assess advert analytics - determine whether the chosen demographics were successful, how many clicks the advert received, how many impressions it received, etc.

  • Explore customer behaviour - websites have the ability to map out the customer journey. Take note of where customers exit pages and which pages lead to higher conversions.

  • Analyze data on move-ins - assess the trend of move-ins and move-outs by looking at an overall data set. Data can help determine which seasons are busy, why people leave their units, and which customers stay for longer (business or residential).

Looking closely at data will highlight certain trends. Once you identify these trends, you can build your marketing efforts from there. When you leverage data, you can improve the results of your marketing, better customer experience and identify possibilities for new services.

Get the professional help that you need

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