Lead generation for self storage in Spain

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Self storage is a global industry, allowing people all over the world to grow their businesses, store belongings during a transition stage and have an affordable extension of their home.

An expert digital strategy is key to attracting these customers to your store, but is your store’s digital marketing strategy up to scratch?

Why Digital First?

We’re committed to helping our valued clients stand out from their competitors, making them the self storage brand of choice in the area.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the self storage industry, our expertise and knowledge in such a niche sector has provided us with an excellent foundation for the work that we do. Our team of experts collaborate across departments to offer services in SEO, SEM, graphic design, social media, content creation and general user acquisition methods.

Unlike a large agency, which manages many accounts with a split focus, we’re committed to building self storage brands. We work with self storage brands to achieve the same goal, and this is evident in the work that we do.

An omnichannel approach that speaks to self storage

Omnichannel marketing is an investment that will show its return on the money and effort spent whilst building a brand.

We focus on increasing online enquiries by improving account quality. At Digital First, we’re proud to have over 85 facilities under management and generated over one million self storage enquiries. We offer an affordable pricing structure for tangible and measurable value and hold accreditation with Google’s Skillshop and Facebook Marketing, giving us added experience and reliability.

What we did in Spain...

We’re passionate and this is evident in the quality of our work. Not only do we have experience working with self storage operators in the United Kingdom, as demonstrated in our Central London case study, but across the world too.

Consider the following year-on-year results since working with a Spanish portfolio.

  • Google Ads enquiries: +202%

  • Conversion rate: +159%

  • Cost per acquisition: -76%

  • All website conversions: +110%

Let’s connect

We continue to be the preferred digital extension of your marketing efforts compared to traditional marketing agencies, with storage companies seeing the value of our proposals for a variety of reasons. As leaders in the self storage industry, we know the market well and what it takes to achieve substantial results.

We provide self storage businesses with the opportunity to connect with REIT-scale marketing capabilities at a fraction of the cost. We'd be delighted to hear from you whether you run a big franchise or a tiny, local store.

Contact us or go through our services to discover what we can do for you.