Is TikTok right for your brand?

With the ever-increasing list of hot social media apps, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. TikTok is a relatively new social media app that exploded into global popularity during our initial days of lockdown. However, unlike many others that have come and gone like a 5 second GIF, this app is going the distance.

While TikTok has its fair share of people destroying their bodies for the glory of completing yet another terrible internet challenge, it has also become a valuable tool for local businesses to promote their goods or services to new audiences. From doctors to accountants, chefs and beyond, more and more professionals are seeing massive results from promoting on the app. If you are interested in joining the cool kids, here are a few reasons why TikTok could be the right choice for your brand.

TikTok inspires organic growth

If a user builds a history of searching and liking content related to yours, TikTok will ensure that your content reappears on their feed - much like Instagram. However, an additional benefit is video completion. When users watch one of your videos in full, TikTok’s algorithm will suggest that video to other users’ feeds. With videos ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, you are almost guaranteed video completion.

More community-minded than other social media apps

TikTok promotes community like no other app has before, most notably by creating incredible niche communities to meet all interests and building genuine connections between users. In the case of self storage, there are more niche communities to target than you may be expecting. A few include groups such as CleanTok, StorageTok, and StudentTok - if you can think of it, there is a niche for it.

Higher chance to go viral

It’s not often that a video about self storage goes viral, but on TikTok, cleaning, organising, and efficient storage methods are all the rage! TikTok provides an easy opportunity to go viral with top-quality content showcasing how your self storage units can be used in traditional and non-traditional ways. Remember to keep up with trending hashtags and songs to increase your video’s reach.

It promotes user engagement

The option to “duet/stitch” a video has been a game-changer. Users now have the option to post a video of themselves reacting to yours on a side by side split screen. This not only encourages user engagement and feedback, but it also puts your content on the feed of countless other users who may never have come across your video organically.

It allows low-cost advertisement experimentation

With an average audience age of 16-30 and roughly 1 billion active users, TikTok is the marketing tool of the moment to expand awareness of your business to a younger audience, such as students. An added benefit is that videos are easy to make on the app, providing an undeniably cost-effective way to try something new.

From sharing business tips to advice on how to store specific items correctly or simply getting in on a fun new trend, TikTok can be incredibly useful to your business. At Digital First, our team of digital natives take pride in creating content that converts. We offer self storage businesses a range of specialised digital marketing services, including online reputation management, social media management, and copywriting. Contact us to find out more or get a free online audit today.