How to change the perception of self storage

For better or worse, perception is one of the most powerful tools affecting businesses today. It is particularly vital in the self storage industry where perception, myths and common misunderstandings can easily limit your enquiries, negatively affect sales and ultimately impact the growth of your client base.

While there is no singularly correct way to break the perceptions around self storage once and for all, there are a few content strategies you can implement to turn the tide. The next time your sales team faces a host of negative perceptions, try these tactics to show potential clients how self storage can benefit their life.

Bust the myths around self storage

This is a crucial first step. While self storage for personal and business use has become more mainstream, there are still plenty of myths floating around that could be hampering your ability to generate sales. Address the most widespread myths, such as high rental costs and safety issues on every platform at your disposal and reinforce the message as often as possible.

Address specific target groups

The truth is that self storage works for people from all walks of life. However, the ongoing perception is that self storage is mainly for companies requiring non-traditional warehousing or families requiring space to store their belongings during a move. Creating and posting informative content addressing how specific groups, such as retirees or students, can use it will go a long way in building a wider client base.

Promote the non-traditional benefits

Self storage offers more benefits than allowing businesses to store high amounts of stock or bulky household furniture. By showcasing the non-traditional uses, such as creating a personal gym, using it as a private art studio or a low-cost office space, you can create a new perception - that self storage is a convenient extension of your home or business.

Show more than tell

We are a visual society, and more and more people now rely on what they can see more than what they read. While reading the benefits of self storage is always valuable, a key way to change the limiting perception is by showing real videos of what each size unit can potentially handle. Informative videos help break the assumption that only a large and costly storage unit will do.

Highlight long-term or short-term use

Another damaging perception is that self storage is only affordable for short periods for personal use or that businesses are limited to a long-term lease. By reinforcing your affordable rates, traditional and non-traditional benefits, as well as your rental flexibility, you can break the negative perception that self storage is only necessary for very specific situations or specific periods.

Just as breaking harmful perceptions are vital to bringing in new customers, so is ensuring that your content is on point and getting the right message out. If you are on the market for a group of digital know-it-alls, look no further than Digital First. Our team of digital marketing experts offer a variety of services designed to make your facility stand out online, generate interest and increase enquiries through targeted content. Contact us to find out more or get a free online audit today.