Great follow-up methods for self storage managers

Renting self storage units is at the heart of every self storage facility’s business plan. For self storage operators to convert customers, they need to have a deep understanding of their customers’ needs in order to address these and provide relevant solutions. They also need to have excellent follow-up methods.

For example, business customers need space to grow and residential customers need somewhere to store during renovations. Students also need a safe space to store their belongings during the holidays.

Another important factor to consider is the age, demographic and life stage of your customers. For example, the digital sales funnel should be optimized for older generations.

Once you have an interested customer, you need to bring the deal to a close.

Here are five effective ways to follow up with potential customers and get them to move in.

Lower your response time

Make sure that your sales team prioritises a quick response time. For each inquiry or reservation that comes in, it’s important to contact the customer immediately and thank them for their interest.

The faster the response time, the more impact is made. Quick response builds trust and confidence in the store, encouraging the customer to rent a unit.

Make sure to get contact information

The call to action buttons on your website need to be strategically placed and ask the correct questions. One of the most important data fields to capture is the name and contact details of potential customers. Accurate contact numbers and email addresses make it easy to follow up on inquiries.

Capturing this information is especially important when customers visit the physical store or call the office. Train your team to get the correct contact information before saying goodbye.

Close the loop

After legally obtaining the contact information, make sure that you enter it into the CRM platform and send the potential customer a message. Follow up after a day or two and offer further assistance, answering any questions and thanking them for their interest.

Guide the conversation

Train the store manager or sales team to proactively move the customer in the direction of a sale. There are certain techniques that help to convert customers, such as asking the correct questions and offering valuable information to guide the decision process.

Offer incentives

Depending on the services that the store offers, it’s worth offering a few add-on benefits to help the customer make up their mind. For example, you can offer a discount for long-term rental, suggest free use of a moving truck, or even give the first month’s rental for free.

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