Industry news: Effective sales skills for self storage

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

SSA UK is advertising an exciting online training session for those who work with sales in the self storage industry.

The online course is hosted over three days from 7 - 9 July 2021 and promises to offer effective sales skills that are needed for self storage. The session is designed to be used as a foundation course for those entering the industry as well as experienced salespeople who want to upskill.

From Wednesday to Friday, the course will revise the foundational elements of sales as well as discuss progressive insights to improve sales.

Find out more about the sales training session here.

Why attend?

The sales team plays an integral part in business growth. No matter how big or small the operation, effective sales skills are necessary for generating leads, closing the deal and retaining customers.

The sales team (or individual) is largely responsible for meeting the growth goals of a company.

A fully-fledged sales team will include various roles, each serving a particular purpose. For example, an account executive, sales manager, sales development representative and customer service representative. In some instances, one person may have more than one role.

Learning the foundational skills in sales can have many benefits for the growth of the business.

These skills are valued in each step of the sales process. By refining the basics, the self storage business can enjoy the following benefits, among others.

● Convert leads into sales and acquire customers

● Retain existing customers through excellent

● Experience business growth through referral marketing, customer retention and seeking recommendations

Whether you’re a veteran salesperson with years of experience or new to the industry, it’s always useful to brush up on the necessary skills to seal the deal. In addition, this training session offers expert insights to apply to the sales funnel.

Interested in more SSA UK events? Visit their events calendar here.

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