Dress to impress your customers

Since the pandemic, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of customers doing business online across industries, including self storage.The self storage sector has experienced a rise in the number of online sales and enquiries. Even so, the nature of self storage means that customers will arrive on the physical premises to use the service at one point or another.

There are several steps that can help inspire confidence in a store’s physical services, such as enhancing the security of the property. Dressing professionally also plays an important role in asserting credibility and impressing customers. Here are a few style tips that’ll encourage brand loyalty and confidence in your services.

Keep your uniform clean and tidy

Whether your store assigns uniforms or not, it’s important that clothing is always kept clean and in good condition. Blemishes and marks are a distraction and suggest a lack of care. Old and worn clothes lead to a similar assumption.

Be consistent about uniform accessories

Accessories can add a lot to an outfit or uniform. A delicate pair of earrings, slick leather belt and wide-brim glasses can add character and help employees connect with customers. However, it’s important to avoid over-accessorising. All employees should have the same brief on what can be worn, and what contradicts the brand image.

Make an effort with hair and makeup

Hair and makeup play a big role in the overall appearance of an employee. The uniform can be neat and well-accessorised, but gaudy makeup or messy hair can taint the brand image. Encourage employees to keep their hair neat and tidy, and to be subtle with their use of makeup.

Posture is important

Body language plays an important role in how customers will view your service. For example, posture is associated with confidence. Employees that hold themselves in good posture will inspire trust in customers.

Making an effort with appearance plays a big role in customer service. Other important aspects include managing reviews, optimising the sales funnel for older generations, and going above and beyond.

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