Daily self storage maintenance to-do-list

Let’s be honest, managing a self storage facility can be like looking after a dozen grouchy toddlers at times. From trying to keep each of your customers happy to ensuring the facility is in tip-top condition, saying it’s hard work would be an understatement. With so much to do in a single day, daily maintenance duties are often shoved to the side. Yet these seemingly tedious tasks are essential to the general upkeep of the building and ensure you make a good first impression. By incorporating these simple tasks into your daily routine, your facility will not only turn tenants' heads but set the bar for your competitors.

Check storage unit doors

The roll-up doors are an integral part of a storage unit and will be one of the first things your tenants see when they enter your facility. If these are badly banged up or the track system is rusted or damaged, it can be impossible to open and make it a pain for your tenants to store their belongings. To avoid this, check that the unit doors are in good working condition regularly or whenever someone moves out.

Replace faulty lighting

Although aesthetically pleasing, lighting is an essential part of your facility's security. With bright lights throughout the interior and exterior, you can ensure your customers feel safe and comfortable when storing their belongings, especially if you offer 24-hour access. Go around the premises and check that all of the lights are in good working condition and positioned correctly, don’t forget about the emergency lighting as well. Investing in solar-power lights is also extremely cost-effective and great for keeping the exterior lit and secure at night.

Neaten up the exterior

Curbside appeal is a huge selling point not only for residential properties but commercial ones as well like storage facilities. With a neat and attractive exterior, you’ll impress customers from the get-go and even entice passersby to come in for a tour. Your exterior maintenance should include regular cutting and tidying up of the lawn, de-weeding driveways and beautifying the entrance with luscious plants and bright flowers. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and neat exterior, consider using small stones or even artificial grass.

Examine security equipment

Security is one of the most important aspects of a storage facility, if not the most important. If just one part of your security system fails, your staff, customers and their belongings will be at risk. Ensure that all the perimeter fences, cameras and alarms have not incurred any damage overnight and that no one has tampered with them either.

Pay attention to pest control

Pests are a constant struggle for property owners, but as a self storage facility, having a pest problem won’t only eat away at your tenants’ belongings but your profits as well. To ensure your facility is protected against rodents, insects and other pests, it's important to replace traps regularly and pay attention to the early signs of an infestation. If the problem is unmanageable, it might be best to call in the professionals.

While the daily upkeep of your facility is essential, it's not the only aspect of your business that needs to be maintained. As a digital storefront, your website also needs to be regularly updated, checked for bugs and faulty error codes.

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