Benefits of a mobile-friendly website

Did you know that more than half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices?

When you consider how many people use their phones to browse the internet, it highlights the business potential of having a mobile-friendly website.

You never know when a potential client may suddenly remember their need for self storage and quickly browse the web for a solution. Making sure that your digital storefront is mobile-friendly is essential to increase conversions.

Here are a few of the main advantages of having a mobile-friendly website for your self storage store.

Improve the customer’s user experience

Google research has revealed that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave a website if the page doesn’t load within three seconds. Once a visitor lands on your page, it’s important to offer a smooth and seamless experience, making sure that the whole sales funnel is completed.

Increase engagement

A mobile-friendly website that responds to the screen size and loads quickly inspires viewers to engage further. An optimised website increases the chances of clicking on a call-to-action and browsing different pages.

Rank better with Google

A website that is mobile-friendly and offers enhanced usability will be viewed as a positive attribute for Google rankings. The better your website serves users, the higher you’ll rank in google search rankings.

Boost brand identity

If your website responds well to mobile, then it reflects well on the entire business. It will help you to stand out and offer a positive experience before the customers even step into your store.

Ease of connectivity

A mobile-responsive website increases your chance of making conversions while potential customers are on the move. The portability of a mobile device means that customers can connect with your brand while away from their desktop.

Having a mobile-friendly website can give your store the competitive advantage that you need to stand out. At Digital First, our expert team of digital marketing professionals is excited to help self storage store owners boost their mobile presence.

Our digital marketing services include search engine optimisation (SEO) and web strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can make your website mobile-friendly so that anyone can access your website and have a seamless experience.