5 tools for a top-notch and trusted self storage security system

Security is a key component of self storage. Tenants store their prized and most valuable possessions with a facility not only because it’s convenient, but because it’s safe. Without a top-notch and robust security system in place, your facility will almost certainly become a target for criminal activity, and in turn, shatter the trust and reputation you’ve taken years to build. While break-ins and burglaries do happen, having the right tools will ensure your facility is trusted by tenants and well-protected against any illegal or nefarious acts. We’ve broken down 5 tools every self storage security system should have and how each can increase your revenue.

1. Access control

This is one of the first barriers a tenant will see at a self storage facility, so it should be secure and controlled. There are plenty of options operators can choose from such as a basic keypad entry system that requires a unique code or a more advanced fingerprint scanner. Keep in mind that whichever system you choose, it should be relatively simple and straightforward to use so your staff and tenants can gain access effortlessly. Having a reliable and robust access control system will also give new and potential customers the assurance that their belongings will be safe in your hands.

2. Motion-sensitive lighting

Lighting plays a big part in a tenant’s security and comfort on site. If your facility is operational 24-hours a day, having ample lighting inside and out will make tenants feel safe when accessing their units. Motion-sensitive lighting is a top choice for many operators as it can easily detect movement and provide light when needed as opposed to having to find a switch or call for assistance in the dark. Installing this type of lighting system at major entry points outside will also deter any suspicious activity. It’s also a great way to make your facility more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

3. Individually alarmed units

With thieves becoming smarter, it’s no longer enough to have a strong lock on a unit. For maximum protection, operators are now installing alarms in each unit which instantly alert staff when it’s opened. This security feature is a great way to keep an eye on all activity in your facility and will also be a key attraction for interested customers.

4. Perimeter fencing

Whether your facility is located in a quiet suburban area or a bustling city, having a fence or wall is a necessary precaution to keep unwanted opportunists out. Without a secure perimeter, strangers can simply walk onto the premises which is a threat to your customers and staff. A sturdy and secure fence around the facility will do, but it’s advised to install electric fencing and perimeter beams as an added precaution.

5. 24-hour CCTV surveillance

As a self storage operator, it’s essential to have eyes everywhere. While on-site staff play a big role in the overall surveillance of a facility, they can’t monitor it 24 hours a day. That’s where video surveillance comes in. By positioning cameras at all major traffic zones and entrances, your security team or a professional off-site monitoring company can keep tabs on all suspicious activity happening in real-time. The presence of cameras are also excellent crime stoppers and show your tenants that you are serious about your security.

As more people turn to the web to find a secure self storage facility, websites are becoming the new storefront. Having a safe, reliable and well-protected website is just one other way you can build trust with your tenants and generate more enquiries. At Digital First, we have a team of trained specialists dedicated to ensuring your website is a credible and effective storefront. Contact us today to find out more or get a free online audit today. You can also visit our blogs for more industry trends and tips.