How to create self storage content that simply converts

No matter how beautifully written your content is, if it’s not converting, it’s worthless. While a pleasure to read, creating content that doesn’t drive visitors or engagement is like spending months building a Jaguar E-Type, only to open the hood and find you forgot to put the engine in. With no power to drive it to your desired destination, it’ll simply sit in your garage collecting dust, with no one to admire its excellent craftsmanship – utterly worthless, right?

Well, what if I told you that with the right components, it would be guzzling on the open road, grabbing the attention of everyone it passed and making them mutter under their breath, “I need that.” Just like this iconic car, your content has the potential to be incredibly valuable and powerful if crafted correctly.

Today, we check-in with our resident wordsmith and digital copywriter, Chelsea Westman, to find out how self storage operators can create content that customers simply cannot resist.

1. Motivate with emotion

Few things can tug at your heartstrings like a good tearjerker. Whether moving your audience with passion, comedy or a soppy love story, emotion is a popular marketing strategy that can inspire your customer to act if executed well. From your facility’s social media copy to the graphics you use on your website, it’s important to inject emotion into everything you create.

“By making your customers connect with your content on a personal level, they’ll not only enquire without hesitation but gravitate towards your facility should they need storage in the future,” Chelsea says.

2. Root it in reality

If your content isn’t relevant to your customers’ lives, why should they care? For your content to really impact your customers, it must speak to their needs, concerns, passions and daily struggles.

“Your content needs to focus on your audience and the world around them,” Chelsea says. “This could mean writing helpful how-to blogs that solve an everyday challenge or highlighting holidays, sporting events, or changing seasons on your social media to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your website.”

3. Use a variety of content

While blogs are great for communicating key information to your customers in a digestible and simple way, they aren’t the only forms of content that do this. From animated explainer bites to TikTok videos, multimedia content is becoming an essential and trending way to attract new customers and persuade them to enquire.

“With social media becoming a top marketing tool and people lapping up video content on TikTok like it’s going out of fashion, self storage operators need to start creating a variety of visual content to stand out online and attract the right customers.”

4. Optimise for your audience

Optimising your content is a key ingredient to driving traffic online and succeeding in this competitive space. There are several ways self storage operators can optimise their content effectively, including creating keyword dense content. Driving your content strategy with keywords is a sure way to get your message in front of millions of potential customers. Incorporate these valuable search words in all of your landing pages and blogs for the best results. Remember to also include meta tags and descriptions. If your content still isn’t converting, a technical SEO audit might be necessary to pinpoint your site’s problems.

5. Close with a captivating CTA

Using the right CTA (call to action) is like giving your customer a firm and confident handshake, or elbow bump, to seal the deal. Without one, they will be left hanging and confused about what to do next. While you probably are already using CTAs, they might not be converting the way you want them to. To highlight your CTAs online and persuade customers to act, use concise and direct phrases, bright colours and appeal to their needs one last time before closing off.

If you’re looking for a group of digital geniuses who have a knack for creating content that converts, look no further than Digital First. We offer self storage operators a variety of specialised digital marketing services, including online reputation management, social media marketing and copywriting. Contact us today to find out more or get a free online audit today.