5 simple steps to attract more student tenants

Self storage was practically designed for students. The twenty-somethings live their lives jumping from one location to the next, with a bag of scrunched up clothes on their back and the rest of their belongings strewn across the country. While it’s pretty obvious that self storage is the perfect service for students in every way, convincing this bunch to get on board can be a bit tricky.

Marketing to Gen Zers and Millennials demands a different tactic altogether. Unlike the generations before them, they are incredibly tech-savvy and have grown accustomed to sniffing out spam and irrelevant information in a split second. It’s not as simple as thinking outside of the box either. To reach these customers, you need to throw the box away entirely, recycle it, post it onto social media and create something that truly resonates with them at the right time.

Here’s how you can attract more student tenants to your storage facility in 5 simple steps.

1. Flex your flexibility

Convenience and ease are paramount to students. Their busy and unpredictable schedules often mean that they need to be in two places at once and different cities throughout the year. Having a self storage facility that offers 24-hour access, flexible lease agreements and additional services like a removals van is a huge plus. Make sure you promote these key selling points on social media, student-related blogs and your student landing pages.

2. Keep up with their calendar

Students have quite a chaotic calendar. From social and sporting events to end-of-year exams and holidays, there’s a lot going on in a very short timeframe. While it can get a bit overwhelming, keeping up with their calendar will ensure your facility stays relevant to their needs and concerns throughout the year. Whether posting study guides during exams or launching a welcome back special at the start of the semester, highlighting big events will make sure your facility is always front of mind.

3. Advertise in the right places

When it comes to students, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Social media is one place where students spend almost every waking hour, making it an important advertising space. While it’s crucial to have a business account and regularly post to popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and more recently TikTok, there’s a lot of noise here so remember that it’s more about quality than quantity.

4. Speak on issues they care about

Throughout history, students have been at the forefront of major movements and protests, and today it is no different. With social activism rising on popular platforms, partnering with individuals or influencers they look up to in your marketing campaigns and supporting causes they feel strongly about will stand your facility in good stead.

5. Get with the tech times

Everything is digital these days, and as digital natives, students understand and appreciate facilities that are forward-thinking and innovative. Apart from having a mobile-friendly website, it’s a great idea to show off how your facility is embracing technology. This could be computer-controlled access, chatbots, virtual store tours or a paperless move-in process. Show the younger generation how your facility is evolving and using technology to make their lives easier.

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