We understand what it takes to thrive in the self storage industry

While we are an experienced digital marketing agency, we are first and foremost self storage experts. Combining these two areas of knowledge sets us apart from any other digital marketing agency globally. 


From SEO and PPC experts, to content creators and social media gurus, our depth of experience has a proven track record of driving enquiries and converting them to move-ins. We also understand the importance and power of influence, which is why our team places a great deal of focus on uplifting a self storage brand’s reputation in the digital space.


Here’s what makes us the preferred partner of self storage operators around the world:

At Digital First, we’re more than an average digital marketing agency. Our experience, knowledge and impressive track record make us the preferred choice for many operators, and here’s why.

Over 100 years of collective industry experience

In-depth understanding of the self storage sector in multiple markets

Google and Facebook accredited in-house digital marketing agency

Expert understanding of communication with both potential and existing customers

Over 1 million self storage enquiries, our track record speaks for itself

Why Digital First and not traditional digital marketing agencies?

Self storage operators across multiple markets continue to choose Digital First over traditional marketing agencies for a number of reasons. We understand the industry and what it takes to see impactful results. Here’s what makes us the preferred choice:

We are partners working towards achieving the same goal and can react quickly to opportunities

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Traditional digital marketing agencies

Focus on increasing online enquiries by improving account quality, with a drive for maximum impact from the least spend

Management fee structured according to the percentage of media spend

All team members have extensive knowledge of the self storage industry

Team members manage multiple accounts and often juniors are appointed to oversee the performance

Collaboration between departments as everyone works together to achieve common objectives

Lack of cross-divisional collaboration as departments work in silos

Lack of account prioritisation and often slow turnaround times